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 The current elected officers are as follows:
Junior Past President: Not open
President: Tony Romero
Vice-President: HD Clontz
Secretary: Linda Clontz
Treasurer: Vacant (Linda will act as interim treasurer)
Sergeant-at-Arms: Gary Anderson
Road Captain: Vacant
General group meetings will be the 1st Monday of the Month at 6:30 preceded by the officers meeting at 6:00. 
To date, we have 11 Moose members that have officially signed up as members of the Oak Island Moose Riders by completing the membership application and a total of 19 members that have signed the petition to become members. Any member of the Moose Lodge in good standing (both LOOM and WOTM) are qualified to become an Oak Island Moose Riders group member. Both men and women can be elected as officers of the group You do not have to ride a motorcycle to become a member.
The Moose Rider program is one of the fastest growing, most visible and active programs of the Moose Fraternity. Moose Riders are linked into a nationwide network of over 1,600 Moose Lodges in the North American Continent. Moose Riders raise funds for Moose Charities, local and national charities and volunteer for community service.
We also help to raise funds and volunteer our time to benefit Scouting, drug awareness, crime prevention, adopt a highway, adopt a park, youth and adult sports leagues, scholarship programs, Toys for Tots, feeding the hungry and disaster relief efforts. The men and Women of the Moose Riders also provide assistance to countless national charities such as MDA, Arthritis Foundation, American Cancer and Heart Associations, St Jude Children’s Cancer Research and veterans’ organizations.
Moose Rider Membership applications can be obtained from the bar at the lodge social quarters or by one of the following links:

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